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How To Sterilize Salon Equipment.

  • May 22, 2020
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Salon Equipment Sterilization By State

Salon Equipment Sterilization By State Each state has different guidelines on the proper technique to sanitize equipment. Here is a handy guide that covers proper nail salon equipment disinfection by state. Cosmetologists can also get a barbicide certification that will cover best practices and protocols for disinfecting equipment.

We highly recommend the certification and encourage our beauty service providers to add their certifications to their profile. The training takes about one hour, but it will help you earn trust from your customers.

Keep in mind, some states do not allow for certain tools to be reused such as nail files. However, you can buy nail salon products in bulk here. 

Types of Salon Sterilization Methods

Barbicide: This is another item you want to buy in bulk as it should be changed daily. Make sure to rinse prior to soaking and fully submerge your tools for a minimum of 10 minutes. You can buy portable containers for your mobile nail salon.

Autoclave For Manicure Equipment: This machine is by far the most effective in sterilization. However, autoclaves can be very expensive. The cheapest autoclave is available for $62.99 and it's portable. If you don't want to lug around an autoclave to your appointments, buy multiples of the same tool. 

UV light: Here's a double stack UV sterilizer that weighs only 10 pounds so it's definitely portable for mobile nail technicians. We recommend that you also use a fluid disinfectant along with the UV light. As a reminder, check your state laws.