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Top Equipment for Mobile Hairstylists.

  • May 25, 2020
  • Admin Person

As a hairstylist on-the-go, you need tools that are lightweight, portable, and versatile, yet no less effective than those you would find in a traditional salon. Whether you’re just transitioning into mobile services or simply need an equipment refresh, check out our essential picks below for on-the-go hairstylists.

Portable Hair Washing Basin

A hair washing basin is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a mobile hairstylist to have on hand. Some things to look out for when choosing a portable hair washing basin are:

  • Adjustable height
  • Drainage capability
  • Easily transportable with wheels
  • Lightweight

The Saloniture brand has a couple high-quality options.

Sink Hose Sprayer Attachment For Mobile Hairdressers

To go with your portable hair washing basin, you'll need a sink hose sprayer attachment, which enables you to turn any sink faucet into a hose sprayer for washing hair. Just attach the hose to your client’s sink faucet, turn on the water, and voila- a handy hose to wash your client's hair! Be sure to choose one that is portable, meaning that it is easily installed and uninstalled, rather than an attachment that is meant to be a more permanent fixture. Check out these inexpensive options on Amazon: this one that fits round faucets with a diameter of 0.46" - 1.03" and this one that fits round faucets with a dimeter of 1.26" - 1.56".

Portable Salon Chair

To complete your mobile hair washing station, a comfortable chair for the client to sit on is essential. You will want something that is lightweight and adjustable. Bonus if it’s foldable! LCL Beauty has a couple great options here and here, and we also like this one from BR Beauty.

Salon Floor Mat

Before you cut that first lock of hair, be sure to lay down a floor mat to ensure easy clean-up at the end of the appointment. Again, Saloniture comes out on top with its variety of salon floor mats in different shapes and sizes.

Lightweight Hair Dryer

A lightweight hair dryer will save your arms on those days when you’re toting your tools from appointment to appointment. A couple of our top picks for lightweight hair dryers that don’t sacrifice power are the Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer and the RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer.

Interchangeable Curling Wand

Rather than lugging around multiple curling tools in different sizes and styles, you can use a curling wand with interchangeable barrels to create the perfect look for your clients every time. Interchangeable curling wands are flexible, versatile, and save space in your tool bag. Depending on the set you choose, you can get barrels with or without clamps, and different attachments to create every style, from tight ringlets to beachy waves. Check out this 8-barrel set from NuMe, this 5-barrel set from xtava, and this 3-barrel set from T3.

Mobile Hairdresser Tool Bag

It’s no fun searching through a messy tool bag for those hair clips you just know you put in there before you left! When you show up to your client’s location, make a good first impression with an organized tool bag. Many tools bags also double as standing organizers! This bag has sections for all your hot tools, while this one has slots for your shears and combs. And this one can fit all of the above!

The above equipment will enable you to quickly and easily turn your client’s space into as close to a professional salon as you can get! Leave a comment if you’ve tried any of our recommendations or would like to share your personal go-to hairstyling tools!