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Top Equipment for Mobile Nail Technicians.

  • May 24, 2020
  • Admin Person

There are a few essential tools and equipment that mobile nail technicians need to have on-hand to turn their clients’ spaces into the perfect salon environment. Our recommendations will ensure that you stay professional and organized as a mobile nail tech!

Portable Nail Table Station

A portable nail table ensures that you have a clean, flat surface to work on. Many portable tables are lightweight and foldable for easy transportation. These three options from YaheetechSUNCOO, and Giantex all come with a client wrist pad, pull out drawer, wheels, and foldable legs.


Depending on the services you are providing, you may need to provide a salon chair for the client to sit on. Though the client may prefer to use their own seating, it's always good to have a backup option. A simple folding chair like this one works perfectly for a quick manicure, while you may want to go with a chair with an attached foot rest for a pedicure. This set from LCL Beauty is great for pedicures, as it includes an adjustable chair, footbath, and foot rest. And of course, you will need something like this lightweight rolling stool or this simple foldable stool for yourself as well.

Portable Pedicure Station

If you are planning on providing manicure services, you will need to have a portable pedicure station that is lightweight yet has all the features your clients know and love. Conair has a line of foot baths with features such as bubbles, heat, and massage rollers. Your clients will barely be able to tell that they're not in a salon!

Portable Sterilizing Device

Providing professional mobile service to your clients includes making sure that all your equipment and tools are properly cleaned and sanitized between appointments. A portable UV sterilizing device makes this very easy! This UV sterilizer box can fit multiple small tools at a time, or try this flexible sterilizing container if you want something even more portable.

Nail Polish Case

Maybe you won’t be lugging around your entire polish collection with you to appointments, but you will still need to bring a variety of polishes to satisfy your clients’ needs. Keep your polishes safe and organized with nail polish organizers that can hold 3648, or 60 polishes. If you have bottles in different sizes, try this organizer with different-sized compartments.

Portable Tool Case

Lastly, keep all your tools and equipment organized with a portable tool case. Bonus if it has removable compartments or can fold out to allow you to work out of it! KIOTA has a variety of portable makeup cases such as this rolling one and this smaller, handheld case.

Have you tried any of these products? Let us know what you think or share your mobile salon essentials in the comments!